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Vitiligo is a long-term skin disease that causes loss of melanin or skin pigmentation in pale, white patches. This condition can affect any area of the skin but is most often found on the face, neck, hands and in skin creases. It can also affect the hair and the inside of the mouth. The discoloured areas usually get bigger with time.

Vitiligo occurs when cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning. The skin condition affects skin of all types but may be more prominent in darker skin. Vitiligo often starts as a pale patch of skin that gradually turns completely white. The edges of the patch may be smooth or irregular. Vitiligo does not normally cause discomfort to the skin but may occasionally cause itchiness.

Vitiligo can begin at any age but mostly appears before 30 years of age. Depending on the type of condition, it may affect:

  • Nearly all of the skin’s surface
  • Many parts of the body
  • Only one side or part of the body
  • One or only a few areas
  • Face and hands


  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Family history
  • Melanoma or Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  • Neurochemicals
  • Stressful events
  • Skin damage like sunburns
  • Certain chemicals


Since Vitiligo is a condition where the skin loses its pigment cells, homeopathic healing at Dr. S. Vidya Prakash Clinic counters the body’s tendency to create new white spots rather than focusing on present spots. Our homeopaths advise patients to treat the disease in its early stages to prevent the production of new white patches on the skin.

When the skin’s tendency to produce white patches cease, the existing patches fade on their own. Sometimes, the original skin colour appears as a spot on the white patch which then expands across or multiple, coloured spots appear to fill in the patch. With patience, one will observe that the emergence of the first new, coloured spot will lead to the reduction of white patches, as new good spots will appear all across the skin, hence leading to complete healing.

Quicker healing is seen in younger patients than adults. While at the clinic we have witnessed successful healing of Vitiligo, it is also the disease that takes the most time for healing, as patients are psychologically affected by how the condition affects their appearance. Our homeopaths also advise that for complete healing, patients must for strict dietary protocol.

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