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Haemorrhoids, also called Piles, develop inside the rectum (Internal Haemorrhoids) or under the skin around the anus (External Haemorrhoids) and cause swollen veins and lumps.

Haemorrhoids are quite common and often get better on their own after a few days. Both men and women are equally affected by the condition and realise they suffer from it only when there is swelling or other problems. Haemorrhoids have several causes although most often, the cause is unknown.

Signs and symptoms of Haemorrhoids depend on the type of the condition and include:

  • Bright red blood after bowel movements
  • Itching or irritation in anal region
  • Slimy mucus discharge
  • Lumps in anal area
  • Pain around anus


  • Constipation
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Regular heavy lifting
  • Low-fibre diet
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Anal intercourse


Research shows that nearly three out of four adults will experience Haemorrhoids from time to time. Fortunately, homeopathy has great success in treating the condition. Find an effective and permanent solution to Haemorrhoids at Dr. S. Vidya Prakash Homoeopathic Clinic, when treated at the right time before any temporary remedies. We provide fast-acting in-house medicines to treat acute pains, bleeding and other irritations related to Haemorrhoids. While prescribing internal medicines, our clinic also provides external mother tinctures for sit baths and ointments for quick, soothing relief.

Chronic cases of the illness are tended to in the classic homeopathic approach of constitutional treatment. During treatment, our homeopaths focus on building immunity of the body to an optimal level, mainly to avoid triggers from recurrent infections. Through the right intervention at the right time, swellings caused by Haemorrhoids reduce in size before healing entirely. Successfully treating the illness in patients of all ages, from children to the elderly, our clinic also recommends a healthy, active lifestyle with a proper diet and specific exercises.